Another beautiful day in Bottesford

372B81E1-D5D1-4F80-9CAD-160225DD42F9My poor hubby is so fed up now he has had to repaint the front door as we didn’t like the colour he painted it yesterday. We brought this green gloss from Wilko but it wasn’t nice so thankfully I had brought some Black for the front step so he used it to go over the green. As we are on a budget we decided to up cycle the door furniture(apparently that’s what you call the letter box, lock etc)and brought some silver spray paint and went over them with that and honestly it came up really well, so we how have a lovely new up cycled  front door. We still need to scrape the paint off the glass but I think it looks good. Some people say why do you spend money on a rental property but at the end of the day it’s our home so we want it to look nice plus if it was anything major our landlord would help out.

I don’t know if it was because we moved three times in two years but it took a while for are new house to feel like home, it wasn’t even really down to the decoration(even though that has helped)I think it was because our move was due to necessity rather than choice. But now it feels like home and slowly we are decorating it our way, I love watching vlogs to get decoration ideas and seeing what other people have in their houses.

Well I need to be honest I started this blog on Sunday and it’s now Tuesday but we have had a busy couple of days with the grandsons and making the most of the weather. And also if you were wondering why I hadn’t said anything about my weight loss journey, well as you know I have recently had some blood tests so I am now on the waiting list, so when I have my operation date I will start with my weight loss journey blog, plus I am thinking of doing a vlog as well(would love to know your thoughts). Now this will be a challenge for me as even though I like to chat (those who know me no what I mean) I not very confident when it comes to my body and how I look, not just that I am over weight but my looks have changed over the years and sometimes I don’t recognise myself in the mirror! But I will do it as I would like vlog how it really is having Gastric Bypass surgery, that it’s not the easy option, the ups the downs warts and all(no I don’t have warts).

So Sunday evening we had a lovely bbq at Emma’s with the boys it was nice seeing them enjoying the weather, Oliver loved playing i a washing up bowl of water(couldn’t find the paddling pool) sometimes it’s the simple things that make them the happiest. Monday we relaxed and did some gardening both in Emma’s garden and ours, I am not really into gardening but I do like it to look nice, I would rather have hanging baskets and tubs less weeding that way. At the moment we are sorting out a new lawn, so all the top is off and John has watched a video on YouTube on how to lay a lawn by Alan Titchmarsh, so we are all set(unfortunately my lovely hubby isn’t very DIY minded or really know what he is doing when it comes to garden, not that I am Charlie Dimmock)so just need the turf. So now it’s Tuesday and we are still having lovely weather, and I have met up with a friend for a coffee and catch up and now I am off to sort some more things to put on eBay, enjoy the weather guys blog soon x


A mixed day is May

Just like the weather today has been a mix of not feeling well, hubby to the doctors Granny duties and volunteering. I am sat here all wrapped up as I feel so cold and think I am getting the flu, my poor hubby has been bad with it for the last couple of weeks and today went to the doctors as had an awful night coughing, and poor thing has a chest infection so off work for the next few days and on antibiotics.

As I suffer from seasonal asthma So i could have had the flu jab, but I find that when I have had it I get a really bad cold that usually leads to a chest infection(which unfortunately I am very prone to)so I decided not to have it this time, so fingers cross it’s just a bad cold and not flu. Should explain about the seasonal asthma, I gave up smoking in 2007 and omg I was so ill it took about a year to feel better and in that time I had a barking cough and chest infection after chest infection which left me with asthma. I suffer more during cold and hay fever season hence seasonal asthma, it’s worth it to have given up smoking.

Granny duties today were nice ones, we went to Emma’s(youngest daughters) for breakfast and we took the boys to the local park to play on the slide and swings. Both boys really enjoyed themselves so much, especially Baby Richard who is 8 months  old and crawling so the freedom was amazing for him, so lots of squeals and laughed. I posted a couple of videos on my Instagram, yes I am on Instagram so follow me on @lululee07

Then when we came home I did my volunteer job which is for Dove Cottage Hospice, I am a eBay coordinator, I list items that would get more money than if being sold in the shops on eBay, photograph the items, research them to see how much they are worth and then list them and I must say I love it. Anita is in charge of the eBay team and she is really good at the China, jewellery and other bits and my specialty is shoes,clothes and handbags. I can work from home which is really good for me as some days I struggle with my fibromyalgia, so I can list them at my own pace.

So that’s it really for today, sorry if this blog is boring but to be honest I am not feeling 100% back on form tomorrow, need to do my youngest daughters birth story.

Well I did it and put it out there!

Today I decided to share my blog with Facebook and Instagram, which was a big step for me as I didn’t know if I wanted people I know reading my blog, as it’s already public anyway I took the plunge and just did it. I am new to this and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s my life and what I am going through, read it don’t read it but please be gentle with me, some pointers would be gratefully received.

This title reminds me of the last time “I put it out there”which is how I met my second husband John so hopefully I will have the same good experience(not that I want a new hubby I am happy with the one I have). So it’s 2005 and Gary and I have separated, he’s moved on already and living around the corner with “my best friend”(yes another blog idea) and I am at home with my two daughters thinking that nobody would want a big bird like me! But one day my oldest daughter Louise comes home from her boyfriends with the lonely hearts Column of the local newspaper, and puts it under my nose and points to an advert which a man has put stating that he was looking for a chubby/cuddly woman, “see Mum there is men out there that like big women” well I didn’t answer the advert but it did get me thinking. So I decided that I would place an advert, but I wasn’t going to reply to any adverts, a way of protecting myself from getting hurt, laughed at and let down. But if they replied to my advert, and heard my voicemail explaining about me then I would “put myself out there”.

So after lots of drafts I finally put an advert in the lonely hearts column, and waited to see if I got any replies, and I was quite shocked as I had a few. The way it worked is they put a typed advert in the column and attach a phone number to the advert and you can record a voicemail that people who are interested can listen to and if they like leave a message. So after work I sat down with a glass of wine and listened to may possible matches, I had a few and then voice left a message saying his name was John, he sounded nice the message was a bit rushed though, the next message John again as he thought he had rushed the last message, the next message John again as he ran out of time last time and wanted to add some things, next message John again he had forgotten to leave his telephone, by this time I was laughing my head off listening to this man called John making a right tit of himself! But he had made me laugh which I hadn’t done in a long time, so I decided he would be the first one that I would call back.

So a top up of the wine glass and a deep breath and I call John, well we weren’t off the phone calling each other for next two weeks solid, I remember getting my mobile phone bill and it being more that my mortgage payment! Thankfully at the time I was working for Vodafone so I did get a few perks with the job. After two weeks it came to the point that should we actually meet each other, so we made a plan to meet at his local pub in the village he lived in. I was so nervous and I remember Louise helping me to get ready and I burst into tears, as even thought we had only been chatting, I feel like I am cheating on Gary, but Louise reassured me and points out the he isn’t sitting around the corner with the other woman crying that he’s hurting me! Wise word and the push I needed.

Now I don’t know if you believe in love at first sight, well I do as when I first met Gary a voice in my head told me that I would marry him one day and when I first saw John walking towards me the same voice piped up and said I would marry him one day, and on the 24th March 2007 that’s exactly what I did. Now the two years in between wasn’t easy and we had our slip ups but at the end of the day we knew were meant to be together, and when in 2009 I was told I had to give up work due to my illnesses I burst into tears in front of the doctor who said “it’s going to be ok” “no you don’t understand it’s not the illnesses it’s just that I am so grateful that I am married to John now and not Gary as I know he will take care of me” and he does, and makes me laugh everyday he’s the love of life and he’s has his moments but I wouldn’t change him for the world.


A rainy day in April

It’s a rainy day on Bottesford today, I forgot to bring my washing in from last night so it got wet and ended up in the tumble dryer anyway, I don’t know I try to save money but it always comes back to bite me in the butt and cost me more money!

Grandmother duties today Oliver (2 yrs) off to pre school and Baby Richard(8 mths),Mummy and Granny off to Asda for a click and collect order, now this is great if you want to save money as you only buy what you need and are not tempted to add things to your trolley that you don’t really want. My daughter doesn’t drive so I am mum taxi especially for the school runs even though she has said that she will walk when the weather improves yeah right!

As I write this I am joined by my fur babies, yes I have fur babies, John and I (John is my second husband must blog about it soon)don’t have any children together, he has two children from his first marriage and I have two from mine, so we have fur babies. We have poppy popcorn who is 5 yrs old and is a Pomchi (Pomeranian x Chihuahua) and Jasper who is 7 months old and is a full Chihuahua, plus a ginger tom cat called max who has thumbs yes you read right thumbs, he has extra claws which push out his first claw to look like a thumb, so walks like a gorilla and finally Jet a black cat who doesn’t like fussing. Poppy and Jasper sleep with us, poppy loves to sleep above Johns head on his pillow and Jasper snuggled up against me, I know not a lot people will like this but we do and love it, but not when Jasper was toilet training and wet the bed!

Today has been a funny day really John isn’t well and I think he is getting a head cold bless him and he’s on nights at the moment as well. The weather has been gloomy and we have had to put our heating on again for a bit, poppy and Jasper have been moving around as it’s too wet for a walk and the cats are a sleep on the landing. This blog seems a bit gibberish but I am new to this so hopefully I will get better.