Another beautiful day in Bottesford

372B81E1-D5D1-4F80-9CAD-160225DD42F9My poor hubby is so fed up now he has had to repaint the front door as we didn’t like the colour he painted it yesterday. We brought this green gloss from Wilko but it wasn’t nice so thankfully I had brought some Black for the front step so he used it to go over the green. As we are on a budget we decided to up cycle the door furniture(apparently that’s what you call the letter box, lock etc)and brought some silver spray paint and went over them with that and honestly it came up really well, so we how have a lovely new up cycled  front door. We still need to scrape the paint off the glass but I think it looks good. Some people say why do you spend money on a rental property but at the end of the day it’s our home so we want it to look nice plus if it was anything major our landlord would help out.

I don’t know if it was because we moved three times in two years but it took a while for are new house to feel like home, it wasn’t even really down to the decoration(even though that has helped)I think it was because our move was due to necessity rather than choice. But now it feels like home and slowly we are decorating it our way, I love watching vlogs to get decoration ideas and seeing what other people have in their houses.

Well I need to be honest I started this blog on Sunday and it’s now Tuesday but we have had a busy couple of days with the grandsons and making the most of the weather. And also if you were wondering why I hadn’t said anything about my weight loss journey, well as you know I have recently had some blood tests so I am now on the waiting list, so when I have my operation date I will start with my weight loss journey blog, plus I am thinking of doing a vlog as well(would love to know your thoughts). Now this will be a challenge for me as even though I like to chat (those who know me no what I mean) I not very confident when it comes to my body and how I look, not just that I am over weight but my looks have changed over the years and sometimes I don’t recognise myself in the mirror! But I will do it as I would like vlog how it really is having Gastric Bypass surgery, that it’s not the easy option, the ups the downs warts and all(no I don’t have warts).

So Sunday evening we had a lovely bbq at Emma’s with the boys it was nice seeing them enjoying the weather, Oliver loved playing i a washing up bowl of water(couldn’t find the paddling pool) sometimes it’s the simple things that make them the happiest. Monday we relaxed and did some gardening both in Emma’s garden and ours, I am not really into gardening but I do like it to look nice, I would rather have hanging baskets and tubs less weeding that way. At the moment we are sorting out a new lawn, so all the top is off and John has watched a video on YouTube on how to lay a lawn by Alan Titchmarsh, so we are all set(unfortunately my lovely hubby isn’t very DIY minded or really know what he is doing when it comes to garden, not that I am Charlie Dimmock)so just need the turf. So now it’s Tuesday and we are still having lovely weather, and I have met up with a friend for a coffee and catch up and now I am off to sort some more things to put on eBay, enjoy the weather guys blog soon x


A lovely sunny day in May

Well today is a lovely day in Bottesford, so I wanted to tell you a bit about where I live. We moved to Bottesford which is in the Vale of Belvoir(pronounced beaver don’t ask I find it weird too but I am from Kent originally so they think I am a cockney go figure)in 2015 and we have liked Bottesford for a while and we had friends that live in the village, so had visited many times, it’s quite an affluent village and the house prices are quite high as we have a station with direct links to Grantham and Nottingham which have links into London(about 1 hr) so we decided to rent in the village as that was really the only way of getting into the village. So we rented out of house in Lincoln and had the opportunity to rent a lovely cottage on just on the edge of the village and we actually downsize to a two bedroom and it was lovely.

Now anybody that lives in the village will know that village life is hard to get used because everybody knows everybody,everybody knows what you up to but to a certain degree that’s quite nice because if you’re not well or you’re having a hard time you know you have friends and neighbours around you and I wouldn’t change it for the world I love living in Bottesford. I’ve made some lovely friends there are lots to do here and it’s lovely village we have a beautiful church,two pubs, lots of eateries, co-op,spar shop(it’s the select convenience really but every knows it’s as the spar shop) two doctors surgeries, a dentist, pre-school,primary school and high school so everything that you need plus our very own dump! The only thing that’s a little bit weird is Bottesford is part of Leicestershire but we have a Nottinghamshire postcode and our GPs are Lincolnshire so sometimes it can get a little bit confusing but the best thing was because our GPs in Lincolnshire so I can continue going to Derby Hospital for my bariatric appointments,I didn’t have to reschedule and go onto a different waiting-list and start the process all over again.

So we settled into our lovely cottage and village life and then Emma and Oliver (then 6 months old) came back to live at home, so our little cottage was a bit over crowded, we had the smallest bedroom and Emma with Oliver shared the master bedroom, it then to our surprise Emma was pregnant with baby two. Now this was a surprise as emma was being treated for a ovarian cyst, as pregnancy tests had come back negative and this was the only other explanation until a blood test came back positive for her being pregnant(don’t know where the awkward pregnancies come from ha ha) so the cyst turned out to be three weeks early 6lb 11oz (that birth weight sounds familiar and three weeks early mmm) little boy baby Richard.

Now in Bottesford people love it so much that they tend to move about in the village according to their needs, so we moved to a bigger three bed house at the other end of the village, thank fully we moved in just before Baby Richard arrived. We were sad the leave our cottage and our lovely landlord, but needs must. Emma loves the village as well and is really settled now, unfortunately she suffered from post natal depression after Oliver which goes hand in hand with anxiety, so it made sense for us all to live together. But not long after moving our previous landlord called as he has a few properties in the village and asked if we would like to rent his three bed house which would you believe it was next door but one to where we had moved to, so after think over night we decided that John and I would move next door but one and emma would stay with the boys in the new house and that’s what we did.

We now live in Granny & Grandads house(yes we have this on the name plague) next door but one to March House where Emma and boys live, and it works, it really works for us, Chris the neighbour in between is pleased as she keeps the same neighbours and because we are tucked in the corner of a col-d-sac Oliver can walk(as long as mummy and Grandad are at the front doors) to our house, which he loves to do.