My pregnancy story with Emma Jane

As you must be able to tell by now I don’t do things easily so when I found out I was pregnant with Emma the worry was that again I was about 6 months pregnant as I found out on my birthday so the 2nd of June but hadnt had a period since the January. Now I put this down to being overweight and that since having Louise my periods have been erratic so it came as a complete shock when they sent me for my ultrasound scan to be told that I was actually only eight weeks pregnant,so unlike being pregnant with Louise ( finding out in the January Then having her in the May) this pregnancy was going to be long(I know the normal time for some)

As I had a C section with Louise I decided that maybe natural birth wasn’t for me so I wanted to have another C section so again I went and saw my lovely consultant Mr Stuart who has such a way with words so upon me asking for a section his reply was  “you’re more likely to come out of the hospital in a box than go out of the hospital holding a baby” how he thought this was going to reassure me I don’t know but as usual it did nothing to calm my fears, so here I was thinking oh my word what if I have to have a C section if the labour didn’t progress ??? he did explain to me that if I was to have a C section after being in labour they class that as a emergency section and “it’s all in the word emergency so it would be an emergency whether I was a skinny mini or 10 ton Tessie” again he has such a way with words. anyway he did say that I could only have a trail by scar labour,as apparently the C-section starcan only with stand up to 7 hours of labour so, at the most I was going to have seven hours of labour.

thankfully but both my pregnancies have been really good I didn’t suffer with morning sickness I didn’t get swollen ankles I know is in hospital for about five weeks With Louise on bed rest but I think that was more to do with stress, shock and everything that was going on at the time and the  circumstances rather than with my pregnancy.  but with Emma nothing, cravings were sausages chips and beans loved the smell of the fish mongers so much so by this time I was working and I was running a shop in Hythe Kent called Granada TV rentals and I would have to walk past the fish mongers to get to the shop and I must admit most lunchtime towards the end of my pregnancy I would could be found outside the fish mongers,they always invited me in but no I was only there for the smell.

So both pregnancies were quite uneventful really the only other thing was because I was so large (again I was super morbidly obese)  the doctor told me that actually I wouldn’t  put that much weight on with being pregnant as the baby would eat my fat reserves and to be honest I only put on 12 lb which is really quite good but the sad thing was I didn’t actually look pregnant I just look fatter sometimes I wish I could wear a T-shirt that said I’m actually eight months pregnant and not this fat

Emma decided that she was quite comfy where she was so she was due on the 12th  of January and she turned out to be five days late so what’s really weird is she ends up being born on the 17th of January and Louise was born on the 17th of May both the girls were born on the 17th of the month now this is where it gets a little bit weirder you see I was born on the 2nd of the month and Gary was born on the 15th of the month so you add 15 and 2 together and you get 17 just a little weird Fact about our family for you.  I remember the night before helping Gary to put things up in the loft and we had a Kentucky fried chicken for tea now normally I must admit I do usually get an upset tummy from KFC (but it’s finger licking good!). so in the morning and it was a Sunday morning I thought I must just have an upset tummy again so I didn’t think that I was in labour anyway eventually I thought to myself there is more to this than an upset tummy and at the time unfortunately Gary was out of work so I house phone was incoming calls only so poor Gary had to go round to the phone box call my mother (which you’re now know from previous blogs he didn’t like  her) and ask if she could look after the Louise while we went up to the hospital to see what was going on.

we arranged to drop Louise off at my mum’s and made our way up to the hospital to be told that yes I was in the early stages of labour so they put me on the maternity ward and attached a tens machine to help with the contractions,but all it seemed to do was give me electric shocks and made things 10 times worse.  my sister came up to keep us company so I’m on the bed having these contractions my sister and Gary are paying cards whilst eating chocolate’s that were bought for me but anyway it was a bit of a laugh and it kept my mind off the contractions. so then I felt that they were getting worse so I had to walk round to the delivery suite on my way round we came across Gloria’s next door neighbour and Bless her she had stopped to see how I was but I had a major contraction and I had to lean on her for about five minutes but she helped me to the delivery suite which was good.  I laid on the bed and all of a sudden all of these midwives Came rushing in, (my midwife was standing at the end of my bed)and said is everything ready can’t you hear your lady is pushing I had no idea that I was pushing already. Then all of a sudden I hear this high-pitched voice “hello hello” it was my mother she had come to relieve Gary so that he could go home and have a Sunday dinner because she thought I would be in labour a long time like I was with Louise, so I was pushing and had my mother in there which is exactly what I didn’t want but  in for a penny in for a pound.

well I’m not one of these mothers that want the baby put on to their tummy all gooey no I want the baby to be washed first I am sorry but I can’t do it.  my two daughters who had brilliant births and with Emma I had the privilege of being there when Oliver was born and she was absolutely brilliant and she loved the fact that Oliver was put onto her tummy and she had the skin to skin contact. so I thought to myself if I keep my eyes closed then I wouldn’t see the mess or any of the messy bits so I kept my eyes closed and I thought I could push harder with my eyes closed but the midwife just kept saying to me To open my eyes and then my mother was going on at me about opening my eyes as well to the point where the midwife asked if my mother was a retired midwife before she could reply Gary pipes up “no she’s just very bossy”.

well like with Louise the baby was getting into distress,they started prepping me for a C section but the doctor said that she would try to  use forceps first so they injected me (obviously down below ) and I had to be cut and I’m sure they didn’t even get the forceps in as she was out before they even had chance to use them. she was born so quickly (3 hrs 20 minutes in total) that she came out and had a poo which splattered all up the wall and all over the Doctor Who was assisting the birth Gary had the first cuddle because yes I will admit it I was disappointed that she was a girl and I’m sure Emma will take great delight if she ever does a blog or vlog telling everyone that I actually didn’t hold her until I got back on the ward,and this isn’t because I didn’t love her of course I loved her and I love her to bits but I was disappointed that I hadn’t given Gary a boy and the saddest thing was also that his surname would stop with him as he was an only child. so on Sunday 17th of January 1993 Emma Jane before weighing 8 lb 4 oz

My Birth Story

Well I have been in hospital now for five weeks, so boring and because of my weight all the midwives want me to do is a diabetes test, thankfully my consultant has said that just because of my weight it doesn’t mean I will be diabetic but just fat! My consultant Mr Stewart has a way with words at one stage they thought I would have a big baby so to try and reassure me he used this analogy, “if a shire horse and and Shetland pony were to mate it wouldn’t mean that the Shetland pony would have a shire horse” how that was meant to make me feel better I will never know.

It’s Monday 16th May and the hospital has allowed me to have the day out with Gary as I have been cooped up in bed for weeks. We have a drive around and then went back to his mums and had a bit of “nooky” then I have been craving a Wimpy for ages so decide to get one on the way back to the hospital and eat it in the car park I have to be back by 6pm for my evening monitoring. We arrive back on the ward with plenty of time and I get strapped up for my monitoring, they check to see if the baby is moving around ok and the heart beat. Gary stays with me as visiting time isn’t over until 8pm, well I have been hooked up now for about half an hour and the midwife comes to check the readings and asks if I am feeling ok as the readings are showing that I am having contractions. This isn’t meant to be happening yet I still have three weeks until my due date of the 7th June, what’s going on!

The midwife decides to do a internal exam and finds that I am two cm’s dilated already, shock horror and a horrible scared feeling comes over me and I look at Gary and he has the same expression, then we hear the midwife announce that Gary will not be going home tonight as our baby was on he way. They send us over to the labour ward as I am a high risk with being early, my contractions don’t progress so they decide to put me on a drip to help them along abit,and didn’t I know it. By midnight I am not coping too well so Gary leaves to get his mum as I want her with me, when they return Gloria looks worse than I do and she tells me that Gary had been speeding through the town to get back to me and frightened the life out her.

I labour through the night and they break my waters but I am still not progressing, so they decide that they will call the consultant to find out what to do next and whilst they do that they stop the drip just to see if I am contracting on my own, but I am not but I do manage a bit of sleep. The midwife with me says that I will probably be having a c section, no no the consultant has decided that as I am fit and young(18 years old) that they should start the drip again and give me another go!! Omg I can’t believe what I am hearing and break down, so Gloria speaks with the medical team and thankfully they offer me a Epidural, which was the best thing ever. Unfortunately they asked Gary to leave whilst I was having the epidural put in and the poor thing was in the waiting room waiting and all he could hear was a woman screaming (not me) thinking it was me he tried to get to me and had to be held back, once he was allowed in the room he found me totally relaxed laughing with the midwife,poor sod he thought I had been tortured.

So they start the the drip again and I go through full labour once again but still no progression, consultant consulted and before I know it I am being rushed into theatre for a emergency c section, it’s so rushed that I am on the operating table and they haven’t put me out yet, you see because it’s a emergency I have to have a general anaesthetic, the medical staff are all around me and then the surgeon arrives and lifts me nightie up to look at my tummy and I am screaming I am not out yet! Thankfully I was then put under, and what felt like a blink of an eye(well to me anyway) I was in the recovery room. I remember the nurse calling my name telling me it was all over and I kept saying “are you sure” then I ask what I had(as even though I have referenced a girl in my blog we didn’t actually know the sex of the baby) she tells me a girl and again all I can say is “are you sure”.

Back on the delivery ward and once I am settled the curtains go back Gary and Gloria wheel in, in her cot little Louise Frances weighing 6lb 11oz born on Tuesday 17th May 1988 at 3.44pm beautiful blue eyes, dark hair and perfect. She was so worth all the labour, operation and upset within the family, here was my daughter, I had fought for her and here she was. I have never once said Louise was a accident but my special surprise baby.