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Started this blog In July and have just finished in the September!

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather, I love it but do prefer to be in the cool or shade but the sunshine seems to bring a smile to everyone faces so it can only be a good thing. Now its September and the weather has already turned cooler, so warmer duvet comes out and the snuggle throws are being used on the sofas, candles in the evenings and of course depends which fan you are there is strictly or X factor – I am more a strictly fan. I do like it when the nights draw in.

Haven’t blogged for a while, health issues still on going but moving in the right direction. We have just returned from our family holiday to Great Yarmouth with our daughter and 2 Grandsons which was really good after getting off to a rocky start. Because we come under Leicestershire for our school terms we can take advantage of the fact that our children break up for the summer holidays a week before everyone else, which not only means the holiday park aren’t as packed it’s actually cheaper than going a week later, so bonus!

This year we booked with Parkdean Resorts to stay at their Vauxhall site in Great Yarmouth staying in a 2 bedroomed apartment, the thinking behind the appartment was that in a caravan the bed aren’t full size and if you follow my blog you will know that I am not a petite lady (the opposite in fact) plus my lovely hubby has very broad shoulders(plus he’s a little telly tubby) so we thought the appartment would have full size beds. We had also told them about my mobility issues, and thankfully could hire a mobility scooter on site to get around plus a travel cot as it’s easier than having to bring one with us. We had paid for early check in so could arrive for 1pm as we were only staying for 4 nights we thought we could get a full day on the site.

We arrived just before 1pm and to honest nearly missed the entrance but when we got o site it was already very busy, so we parked up and went and got our keys and headed over to our apartment. Well it couldn’t have been further away if it tried, right up against the fence to the outside world, while the boys and grandsons waited in the car myself and Emma(my youngest daughter) decided to have a look, well we weren’t prepared for what we found and to make it easier on you readers here is my letter of complaint.

I could start this complaint with a rant and go into a convoluted story about our holiday experience with yourselves but I won’t I will just give you the bullet points and ask that you reply by return and that you pay our compensation claim.

1.Pay £25 to check-in at 1 PM which we did to find other people that weren’t meant to check in till 4 PM being allowed to take the keys early so I expect a full refund of this charge as it was completely unfair.

2. Found our way to the Breydon apartment number 15 to find that it had not been cleaned there was a distinct smell of damp in fact there was a damp patch on the bathroom ceiling where obviously the bathroom above had been leaking. we found food still in the fridge,none of the beds were made up as promised and advertised on your website and in your brochure. the sofa I can only describe as seen better days and had I sat on it it would’ve taken a few men to be able to get me back up there is no way it could’ve been used as extra sleeping the whole place was filthy rubbish everywhere it was such a disappointment that we didn’t even get my grandchildren out of the car as I wouldn’t allow them in such a filthy place.  at time of booking and I called at least three times because I have mobility issues I wanted to be near to the facilities but if you look on the map number 15 is the furthest away you can get from all your facilities it is right up against the fence against the main road.

3. Vauxhall site it’s self was disgusting litter everywhere nowhere to park and nobody seem to know what was going on I telephoned the reception from our accommodation to complain to be told I need to come in bearing in mind I explained I was disabled and that it would be a problem but I was told it could only be sorted out if I came to reception. once in reception I was told that there was no other accommodation available to us except for two suites on the second floor which obviously because of my disability was not suitable for me, this was after I had spoken to somebody the day before who said they were caravans still available now we were willing to change into a caravan if needs must but instead you’re not so helpful staff recommended that we take a full refund and go home. As you could appreciate this was totally unacceptable and I explained that was she really serious that I had to disappoint my grandchildren my daughter and her partner and having travelled three hours to get to the site would then have to tell them we were going home.

4. I suggested to the member of staff that maybe if she looked in the brochure she could see the next closest site to Vauxhall that would be able to accommodate us rather than us having to go home I also suggested that maybe she could move some people around as not everybody was checking in at 1 PM but I was told this was not an option and that the best option was a refund and to go home I insisted that she checked with another site and thankfully she managed to get us into Cherry tree which was 12 minutes away.

5. Your staff member suggested that we go and have something to eat while she sorted out the accommodation so we went into the reedcutters to find that there was over an hours wait for food even though there was nobody in the restaurant apart from two tables so we decided that we would have a Meal once we got to cherry tree but unfortunately by the time we got to cherry tree and checked in we went to go and get something to eat to be told of food stop serving at 3 PM you can imagine this just added to our frustration as we had two very tired and hungry little boys as well as adults thankfully the caravan accommodation at cherry tree and the site redeemed itself.

6.  Because I have a disability and have problems with mobility I had arranged from the higher shop on the Vauxhall Park for a mobility scooter a travel cot and a highchair but unfortunately cherry tree do you not offer mobility Scooter for hire so I had to ring round to try and find an scooter that I would be able to use during my stay now this cost me £45 for the week which is considerably more than I was going to pay at the Vauxhall site I therefore request a refund as a matter of courtesy of the £45 for this charge

As you can see from my bullet points above this is totally unacceptable customer service and did ruin our holiday I therefore would be asking for compensation of £20 per adult plus the £45 for the Mobility Scooter and the £25 early booking check-in fee. I would appreciate that you would give this complaint upmost attention and that you reply to me as soon as possible should you require any further information then do not hesitate to contact me.

Total compensation claim £150 which I would be grateful that you refund hence with.

I am pleased to say that we enjoyed our holiday on the Cherry Tree site and would recommend a stay there, and also after a telephone call from Vauxhall Parks manager it was agreed that we would receive £105 in compensation which I was happy with.

so that is our experience with Parkdean Resorts, we are booked in to go to Butlins for the October half term so i will let you know how we get on.

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