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Health,weight and life update

Well the last two weeks have been a bit funny really as I collected my first CPAP machine( from the respiratory clinic at Kings Mill Hospital) as I have been diagnosed with Obstrutive Sleep Apnea, and apparently it’s very bad my AHI is 91.4 which means I stop breathing 91.4 times an hour! So the machine I collected measures the pressure of air that needs to be blown into your airways to keep them open during sleep, firstly they gave me a full mask that covered my nose and mouth, but I really didn’t get on with it, it kept coming unsealed which meant more air was escaping which isn’t good. So over the first week I think I used it for about an hour each night, and unfortunately when I went back to the hospital there wasn’t enough information recovered to get a good reading, so I had to take the machine for another week this time with a nasal cushion mask that just has to prongs that go up your nose( looking forward to trying that not!)

So the second week did go a lot better, the mask was better and I think I used it for about 6 hours per night, it’s given me bad headaches during the day but apparently they will die down. I have felt slight benefits from using it but I am still tired during the day, but I went back to the hospital today and thankfully they got enough readings and I was shocked to find out that when I was using the machine my AHI went down to 0.2 which means I didn’t stop breathing at all during the night, so the machine works! It measured the pressure that I need my new machine setting at to keep my airways open which is 11, so I was given my permanent machine and I don’t need to go back until November for a routine check up.

The best thing is now that I am using the machine I can be signed off for my weight loss surgery, as when my sleep apnea wasn’t under control the Anaesthetist  wouldn’t let me have a general to have the operation, so I am one step closer, tick in the box. I still have the gastrointestinal consultant to see in July but hopefully that will go well and I will still get the operation this year fingers crossed.

John and I have decided to follow the get holiday body ready diet that accompanies the Channel 5 programme, which claims that you can lose a stone in 4 weeks. I don’t know if I will lose a stone as I can’t do the exercises they do, as you all know my mobility isn’t good at all but I am going to give it a try it can only help me. John will do really well he always does he loves exercise,even though to look at him you wouldn’t think so bless him(he’s my fat,short,bald hubby and I love him). So watch this space I will keep you updated and if it works I will put the diet on my blog in case you want to try it too.

It’s been a bit of a sad week as my youngest daughters relationship has ended, my oldest daughter is struggling with post natal depression and a dear friend died a year ago this week too. Even though we hadn’t been friends for long before he died(met when we came to the village in 2015) we have fond memories of him, he was a lovely bubbly chap always smiling loved his family it’s such a shame he was taken too soon. We will always remember him and we still feel a bit guilty that we couldn’t revive him and bring him back(John my oldest daughter and I did CPR). It’s in these times that my faith is tested, trying to understand why, but also knowing it isn’t God. So yes this week has been a sad one, but it can only get better.

On a lighter note I am loving Love Island on ITV 2, sorry another guilty pleasure, but it’s just so good to watch and have a giggle. To quote Ellie, “Doctor I am feeling under the weather, I think I need some peniscillin!” Sorry but it’s funny 😂

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