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Mobile phones can you do with out yours?

With the news reporting that Simon cowell hasn’t used his mobile phone for over 10 months and feeling better for it, I pose the question can you do without yours?

Even though for a few years I worked for Vodafone I feel I haven’t really been into mobile phones, and couldn’t understand why my daughters couldn’t wait to upgrade to the latest model, until i got my first iPhone. I currently have the iPhone 6s in Rose Gold (love the colour) and I can honestly say I think I would be truly lost without it as I use it for everything.

It’s my

address book


sat nav


Connection to social media


Go to for questions I can’t answer



Converter for weights and measures

Taking notes

Timer for cooking

My main phone as (especially my daughters) people don’t call my landline as usually they are calling from their mobiles.

and I even blog from it

Could I use other things instead yes I suppose I could but it’s just handy having them all together in one place. Can I imagine life without it or even before it NO but I look around and see the older generation completely getting by without mobiles(even though more older people now have them). Is it a generation thing I look at my grandsons and Oliver at aged 2 knows how to work my phone even baby Richard at 10mths loves to FaceTime and swipe the screen.

Are we obsessed with mobiles I don’t know all I know is that I love mine and wouldn’t be without it.

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