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My birthday week

Well this week has been full of the general mundane things you do, Saturday was my birthday my 49th I can never forget how old I am as my in laws like to remind me in my birthday cards, you see they were married in the same year I was born so they never forget and they don’t let me either. I remember when I turned 36 (and I turned 36 for a few years to the point that I did forget how old I was),that I was determined to not be fat and forty but unfortunately that didn’t turn out but now I am determined not to be fat and fifty, so fingers crossed that I still got the operation this year.

I received some lovely cards and presents from friends and family, but I think as you get older birthdays aren’t the same. We didn’t do anything as I just wanted a quiet one so we had a takeaway with Emma and boys which was nice. Sunday was spent catching up with those jobs that you have been putting off, like putting the Christmas decks and tree into the loft(I know it’s june and it’s been 6 months but they were in the spare room so not in the way), then I went through all the charity donations to see which I would be putting on a ebay to raise money for Dove Cottage Hospice( I have blogged before that I am a ebay coordinator) so that was Sunday done.

Monday was back to normal with a very excited 2 year looking forward to going to pre-school after being off for half term. Oliver is growing up so fast and his speech is really coming on and it’s so sweet that he calls his brother “my baby” he really does think that’s his name, Richard or as we call him Baby Richard ( as well as chub,chubba,chubbalicious,& Richy)seems to long to teach Oliver at the moment.

Tuesday was spent listing things onto ebay for the charity as well as listing things on Facebook for Emma to sell (baby things which always sell well)Facebook is really good for finding lots of things and selling them, the amount of things I have found and in my village as well. I also decided after watching speed cleaning vlogs on YouTube that I wanted to change my hoover to a cordless one, light weight as I struggle with the Harry we have and usually get John to hoover for me.

The speed cleaning vlogs are my new addiction I love watching them getting good ideas on cleaning products, they also have house tours which I truly love as these give you interior design ideas, and the homes are fabulous(sad I hear you shout but believe me give them a chance and you will be hooked)some I do wonder how they afford it or more rightly where did I go wrong. I do prefer the uk house tours and have found a few vloggers that I really like, there is ;

Liza Prideaux – she is a mum of two lovely boys and vlogs beauty,lifestyle,cleaning & motherhood. Her home is beautiful and I must admit she is the one that recommend the hoover(I will get to which one in a moment)

Lucy Jessica Carter– she is a mum of two lovely boys also and vlogs beauty,lifestyle,travel,fashion & motherhood. Both of these lovely ladies are a part of channel mum which is fantastic for mums (wish they had something like this when I had my daughters)

Toni-interior – A lovely lady from Liverpool, and wow her house is fabulous and she does a lot of cleaning vlogs as well as shop hauls.

our Moore story – now I must admit this is my favourite, they are a lovely family that vlog everyday about daily life as well as shopping hauls, cleaning and travel. Lisa & Dan have four children three girls and a boy and they really show a true side of family life which is refreshing to see.

Anyway Wednesday I receive my new hoover, I have gone for the Shark Cordless Truepet duoClean Flexology it’s blue with twin batteries for 44 minutes of running time, light weight and converts to handheld. Well I haven’t been disappointed it’s amazing so easy to use and on boost it practically hoovers the floor itself, saying that I haven’t actually used it that often as a certain next door but one neighbour, yes my daughter has decided that she loves it too and keeps popping in to pinch it! But honey I would recommend this hoover to anyone with children pets and need a hoover to be light weight with a good battery life.

Thursday is spent doing the household chores and my bible study, I usually go to my faith group on a Monday but didn’t make it this week, but I also have a bible study each week with Lynn one of the ladies from faith group. Even though I have been a Christian since 2009 I have found that I still need discipling as I don’t really know my bible and still have a lot of questions. I found it fascinating that the bible is still relevant today and can help with problems(if you no where to look hence bible study).

Now Friday has been a day for food shopping, now if you read my blogs you will know that I hate going shopping and prefer to shop online but Emma needed to go to ASDA for her food shop and as John was on nights, plus unfortunately Oliver is poorly, I had to take her. Usually I would wait in the car play on my mobile or even start my blog but today I said I would come in and thankfully they have mobility scooters that you can use as there is no way that I would be able to walk around the whole store. Now our store have the shopping guns(don’t really know what they are called, so we call them guns)so that you can scan your shopping as you go which makes it so much easier to do. I only really needed a few bit, but Emma needed a full shop so an hour or so later we are finally finish,gagging for a cuppa and head home. And then I get home to a nice surprise Emma loved the hoover so much that she ordered herself one and it had arrived, now I would have thought that as she had used my hoover for the past week that she would give me the shiny new one but no she had ordered the pink one! So even though she still needs to pinch my batteries and charger as hers only came with the one battery I get to keep my blue one! Didn’t realise they did pink 🙁

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