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Shopping love it or hate it?

Shopping! A necessity but to me in my personal opinion a pain in the arse! I can’t think of anything worse than walking around the shops but I know some of you love it. My friend and her mother go into town every Saturday to look around even if they aren’t buying anything. Window shopping they say yes it’s lovely to see all the nice sparkly things they have and what’s on trend but you can’t afford and don’t need. I know I must sound such a kill joy to some of you and I must admit it doesn’t help that I am boiling hot with a banging headache st outside Asda  waiting for my daughter to finish her shopping and visa has decided to go down! some of you will be yelling how could she hate shopping but the thing is ……….

I love online shopping to me it’s the best way to shop I know you only get to see a photo of the item and don’t get to feel the item but to me it’s the best. I suppose it’s because of my size that I prefer to have clothes delivered to my home to try on rather than having to go into a hot changing room with others that frankly don’t look like me and then I get hot bothered and frustrated so being able to try on in the comfort of my own home means everything to me.

When I had my first Christmas after my divorce it was a god send I didn’t want to go around the shops looking for things it was a sad time so it was so good that I could order everything online and even some of it I could have gift wrapped. Thinking of my first marriage I don’t know if it was Gary’s opinions that rubbed off on me whilst we were together because he hated shopping and he liked to know which shops he was going to and what he had to get. It’s the same with Christmas he didn’t like Christmas as well it didn’t help he was always ill and I thought the reason I hated shopping and don’t really like Christmas was down to him but on reflection I actually personally don’t like either anyway. I can hear the yells from here “how can she not like Christmas and shopping” but Christmas is about the children(plus the Christianity side of it which is more important to me)but please don’t get me wrong I do celebrate for the grandchildren but anyone that knows me knows that my tree comes down Boxing Day and if it wasn’t for the grandchildren it wouldn’t go up until Christmas Eve but unfortunately Emma usually comes around and makes me decorate. But don’t worry there is karma as I have gone from being married to the Christmas scrounge to being married to the Christmas elf yes John loves Christmas and would dress up as Santa for all of Christmas if he could but thankfully a Christmas jumper keeps him happy. So if anyone needs a Santa this Christmas give my hubby a shout I am sure he would be happy to help!

Online shopping can also save you money and I am all for saving money. Especially food shopping it helps to not impulse buy the items that you don’t need and frankly I expect shouldn’t be eating(well in my case anyway). If you have children you don’t have to keep them quiet and entertained whilst going around the supermarket and dread going down the “goody” aisle or have them screaming by the checkout for sweets. I expect some of you will disagree and have ways to keep your children from doing this so again it just my experience and opinion not a judgement.

At the moment we are trying to eat well for less(that sounds familiar)so have been trying online food delivery of complete meals that you cook. We have tried hello fresh(I will blog my review later this week) and Gousto both are similar but we are enjoying Gousto the best and for £24.99 for 4 meals for 2 people I didn’t think was bad. You still have to buy lunch items and your usuals but so far we are saving some money plus they are tasty.

Let me know your money saving ideas for food shopping. Do you love or hate shopping? All my blogs are based on my opinions and experience and do not judge anyone else.

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