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A sunny bank holiday weekend

I thought being a mother was the best things ever but I can honestly say that it pales in comparison to being a Granny(in my opinion anyway). The love that you feel for a child that technically is not yours is over whelming, and I am lucky enough to have four Grandsons, who are even more precious. You see in our family it’s all girls so when Finley was born in 2009 he became the first Boy for a long time and now my daughters have two sons each.i

Finley.J was born on the 9th October 2009, unfortunately I don’t have a close relationship with my oldest daughter Louise so i wasn’t invited to the birth. When Louise told me she was pregnant, it came at a bit of a shock and not just because Louise had always said she didn’t want children but was going to have fur babies instead, but because I was turning 40 years old and I hadn’t thought that my child- bearing years were over. Don’t get me wrong we didn’t want a child, well we had at the beginning of our relationship and we tried but unfortunately each pregnancy ended in miscarriage with our last baby a boy(who we called Mason) leaving us at 21 weeks. So I hadn’t  really excepted that I wouldn’t have anymore children, so yes Louise being pregnant was just a shock to me. So when I met Finley in was less than 24 hours old and omg the love that came over me when I saw him was overwhelming, the tears flowed and I didn’t want to put him down. You just want to spoil them, fill them full of sugar, give them everything their parents don’t and the best thing you hand them back to the daughter you raised so that she can experience all the trails and struggles you went through when they visited their grandparents.

Finley will be 9 years old this year and sadly I haven’t seen him in over a year and this isn’t the first time that Louise has stopped me seeing my grandson, and I will be honest this time because Louise has since had another baby boy in November 2017 Sealy Gary(sealy is from the programme Bones apparently so I should be grateful that he isn’t called fracture!,plus Finley’s middle name is just the initial J as in homer J Simpson so it could be worse)I don’t know if I do want to see them myself as I can’t handle them being taken out of my life again, it’s not far on me or them.

Oliver Lincoln was born on the hottest day/night in 2015 2nd July to my youngest daughter Emma Jane, and this time I had the pleasure of being at his birth, even though it was hard for Emma going through the labour and birth, it’s really hard to watch your baby in pain and being helpless to do anything about it. When Oliver was born unfortunately Emma started to haemorrhage and all of a sudden the room was full of midwives and doctors so I was left to cuddle Oliver while Richard Emma’s partner stayed with her, thankfully after an hour everything was under control and Emma enjoyed skin to skin contact with Oliver who weighed in at 8lb 3ozs the same weight emma was when she was born. Again the love for this little boy was overwhelming and even more so as he came(with his mum)to live with us from 6 months old until he was 28 months.

Now Baby Richard was a bit different as we didn’t think that emma was pregnant no pregnancy tests were showing she was and in fact Emma was being treated for a suspected cyst in her ovary. But after a blood test which showed a slight raise in her HTC hormone levels it was decided she was pregnant, and I think that because we wouldn’t believe he was in there, he made a point of wanting to rush out. Richard JNR(John,Nigel,Robert) arrived 3 weeks early after 1hr & 45 mins of labour and pushing he was born at 5.45pm and was home with us and his big brother by 9pm the same night. Another weird thing was he weighed 6lb 110zs three weeks early, exactly like his Aunt Louise who was born in 1988. Now I don’t know if it’s because Baby Richard lived with us for his first 6 months or that I was around for all of Emma pregnancy, but the bond between him and I is so strong.

My love for all the Boys is equal and I live for them, they are the main reason for pushing forward for this gastric bypass operation so I can be around longer for them, they are all my world even though I don’t see two of them, Oliver and Baby Richard make up for it, I am so lucky to have them next door but one so I get to see them everyday they are my world my everything, I love being Granny I strive to be one I can be and I wouldn’t change it for anything .


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