Weight loss, weight loss journey bringing you up to date

Update on weight loss journey

Just to get you updated with the weight loss journey today I heard back with my blood test results and unfortunately they’re showing that I have slight anaemia so even though my iron stores are good the consultant at Derby hospital who would be doing the operation would like me to have colonoscopy and endoscopy just to cover all angles so to speak. So my doctor will make the referral, just have to wait and I will let you know when I have had them done.

Also following on from my night with the sleep machine I now have to collect a sleep apnoea breathing machine to try for a week and then return it back to hospital and go from there. so today has been a day of further test That have got to be carried out and a bit of disappointment but still keeping my fingers crossed that I will get all this done and still get to have the gastric bypass this year will keep you updated many thanks for reading.

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