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Make lemonade

I don’t know if it’s that I am not feeling well at the moment I have blocked sinuses and laryngitis, but I feel like life is giving lemons. Do you ever have a time when you think to yourself it seems to be one thing after another, and then look at other people and think their lives seem so much better. I know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side but sometimes it would be nice to experience that lush green grass! Gosh I seem to be quoting a lot of cliches but I feel my life is in limbo waiting for my operation date.

I remember when I told family and friends that I had to give up work their reactions were of that it was going to be this marvellous thing, lie ins,lunches and coffee mornings. But they couldn’t have been more wrong(don’t get me wrong to a certain degree there is the latter)it’s trying to get the motivation to get up in the morning the housework that can wait for another day as you have all week to do it. Then especially at my age not fitting into a group too old to be with the mums and toddlers as yours have grown, too young for older people as your not even 50 and then your friends are at work! So here you are trying to know where you fit in in the world.

So upon moving to Bottesford I thought how great it was to come to a village with so much going on. I joined the craft group and met a lovely group of ladies (of which I now call many my friends) who made me feel welcome, I am not much of a drawer or painter but I like to try things and sometimes we get very creative. Through the craft group I found The faith group, a group of ladies that meet to support each other and spend time with God, yes I am a Christian but I am not a bible basher(which I have been called and I remember coming back from church at where we used to live and our next door neighbour being outside and asking where had we been so early on a Sunday morning and when we replied church he physically took a step back!) I enjoy going but I am not here to preach or force my beliefs on others unless you want to know more. I might blog our testimony on how John and I came to Christ but that’s it.

But I wanted to join the book club of which the village had three but when I called to join was told that two were full and the third did have a vacancy(first apparently in 7 years!) So a lovely lady came to see me but unfortunately it wasn’t for me as my friends and family know I like to chat and have a laugh I didn’t want to have to write a essay about the book I wanted it to be more of a group of friends. So I decided to set up my own book club so Women,wine & words was born and too my delight we have 12 members and have been running for nearly three years now. Now this is where I have to confess I love my book club the ladies are fantastic and we have had some great meetings(in the local pub) but if you ask me how many of the books I have read out of the 28 books we have chosen. well are you ready I have read 1 in the month I should have read it, watched the film version of another, when it came to my choice I chose something I had already read! So truthfully just 1 yes you read right. But my ladies are fantastic about it and we do have a laugh.


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