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A mixed day is May

Just like the weather today has been a mix of not feeling well, hubby to the doctors Granny duties and volunteering. I am sat here all wrapped up as I feel so cold and think I am getting the flu, my poor hubby has been bad with it for the last couple of weeks and today went to the doctors as had an awful night coughing, and poor thing has a chest infection so off work for the next few days and on antibiotics.

As I suffer from seasonal asthma So i could have had the flu jab, but I find that when I have had it I get a really bad cold that usually leads to a chest infection(which unfortunately I am very prone to)so I decided not to have it this time, so fingers cross it’s just a bad cold and not flu. Should explain about the seasonal asthma, I gave up smoking in 2007 and omg I was so ill it took about a year to feel better and in that time I had a barking cough and chest infection after chest infection which left me with asthma. I suffer more during cold and hay fever season hence seasonal asthma, it’s worth it to have given up smoking.

Granny duties today were nice ones, we went to Emma’s(youngest daughters) for breakfast and we took the boys to the local park to play on the slide and swings. Both boys really enjoyed themselves so much, especially Baby Richard who is 8 months  old and crawling so the freedom was amazing for him, so lots of squeals and laughed. I posted a couple of videos on my Instagram, yes I am on Instagram so follow me on @lululee07

Then when we came home I did my volunteer job which is for Dove Cottage Hospice, I am a eBay coordinator, I list items that would get more money than if being sold in the shops on eBay, photograph the items, research them to see how much they are worth and then list them and I must say I love it. Anita is in charge of the eBay team and she is really good at the China, jewellery and other bits and my specialty is shoes,clothes and handbags. I can work from home which is really good for me as some days I struggle with my fibromyalgia, so I can list them at my own pace.

So that’s it really for today, sorry if this blog is boring but to be honest I am not feeling 100% back on form tomorrow, need to do my youngest daughters birth story.

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