Illnesses & weight loss

A sunny day for the 1st May

So today has been weird, I feel shattered and a pin cushion as it took four attempts and two nurses to get some blood! You see the down side of being super morbidly obese oh yes I am now super(first time I have been called super) morbidly obese which is why I am on the waiting list for Gastric Bypass surgery.

Please don’t think this is an easy option as it is truly not, it’s taken years for me to even get on the waiting list, and now my next step is that I must have blood tests and then hopefully I will get a date this year. The only problem is that my veins do not play ball when it comes to blood tests, it runs in my family on the female side, so it took two visits four attempts(this time) and two nurses, but it done so one step closer to surgery.

I have tried every diet healthy eating plan out there but nothing worked not even getting divorced! People think that it’s easy once to you have the bypass surgery but believe me I have had to comes to terms with that I will never eat a full meal again, some food will be out-of-bounds, some I won’t be able to digest, I could suffer from dumping syndrome which can make you really ill and even pass out, I could get an infection as its major surgery and not to mention the pain plus it won’t help me to lose all the weight I need to lose. My life is going to completely change but do you know I think it will be worth it just for that fact that I will get to spend quality time with my Grandsons and live longer.

I am very lucky though as, as yet I don’t have any obesity related illness, I don’t have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol but I am being tested hence being shattered for sleep apnea so last night I was wired up with a black box on my chest, finger oxygen tracker, nasal cannula and microphone. I was shocked about the mic as the nurse said that it records everything snoring voices everything, so well I burped which I apologised for broke wind twice, apologised as the mic became disconnected, woke my hubby up looking for Jasper as I thought the machine had killed him, went to the toilet and finally asked my hubby to turn over as he was snoring, so it was an invent full night and I hope who ever listens to my recording gets a laugh.

The illnesses that I do have and live with everyday and why I had to give up work in 2009 are the following (sorry it’s not self pity but my life). I have depression unfortunately like I have touched on in my other blogs mental illness is in our family but mine is controlled by antidepressants and I usually know when I need them upped. Fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain syndrome which affects me in different ways from muscle spasms, fibro brain fog, fatigue, insomnia and pain that painkillers don’t touch, some days it’s hard to just get out bed. MS newly diagnosed they think fibromyalgia was masking it somehow so getting used to seeing the difference. RLS which is restless leg syndrome, jump and twitchy legs. And then osteoarthritis in both knees that need replacing but because of my weight I can’t have done, and because of the arthritis my mobility is poor so I am in a catch 22 really.

So please feel free to ask questions and if you want to know more let me know, will blog again soon xx

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