Daily Blog

A rainy day in April

It’s a rainy day on Bottesford today, I forgot to bring my washing in from last night so it got wet and ended up in the tumble dryer anyway, I don’t know I try to save money but it always comes back to bite me in the butt and cost me more money!

Grandmother duties today Oliver (2 yrs) off to pre school and Baby Richard(8 mths),Mummy and Granny off to Asda for a click and collect order, now this is great if you want to save money as you only buy what you need and are not tempted to add things to your trolley that you don’t really want. My daughter doesn’t drive so I am mum taxi especially for the school runs even though she has said that she will walk when the weather improves yeah right!

As I write this I am joined by my fur babies, yes I have fur babies, John and I (John is my second husband must blog about it soon)don’t have any children together, he has two children from his first marriage and I have two from mine, so we have fur babies. We have poppy popcorn who is 5 yrs old and is a Pomchi (Pomeranian x Chihuahua) and Jasper who is 7 months old and is a full Chihuahua, plus a ginger tom cat called max who has thumbs yes you read right thumbs, he has extra claws which push out his first claw to look like a thumb, so walks like a gorilla and finally Jet a black cat who doesn’t like fussing. Poppy and Jasper sleep with us, poppy loves to sleep above Johns head on his pillow and Jasper snuggled up against me, I know not a lot people will like this but we do and love it, but not when Jasper was toilet training and wet the bed!

Today has been a funny day really John isn’t well and I think he is getting a head cold bless him and he’s on nights at the moment as well. The weather has been gloomy and we have had to put our heating on again for a bit, poppy and Jasper have been moving around as it’s too wet for a walk and the cats are a sleep on the landing. This blog seems a bit gibberish but I am new to this so hopefully I will get better.

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