Pregnancy with Louise

My Birth Story

Well I have been in hospital now for five weeks, so boring and because of my weight all the midwives want me to do is a diabetes test, thankfully my consultant has said that just because of my weight it doesn’t mean I will be diabetic but just fat! My consultant Mr Stewart has a way with words at one stage they thought I would have a big baby so to try and reassure me he used this analogy, “if a shire horse and and Shetland pony were to mate it wouldn’t mean that the Shetland pony would have a shire horse” how that was meant to make me feel better I will never know.

It’s Monday 16th May and the hospital has allowed me to have the day out with Gary as I have been cooped up in bed for weeks. We have a drive around and then went back to his mums and had a bit of “nooky” then I have been craving a Wimpy for ages so decide to get one on the way back to the hospital and eat it in the car park I have to be back by 6pm for my evening monitoring. We arrive back on the ward with plenty of time and I get strapped up for my monitoring, they check to see if the baby is moving around ok and the heart beat. Gary stays with me as visiting time isn’t over until 8pm, well I have been hooked up now for about half an hour and the midwife comes to check the readings and asks if I am feeling ok as the readings are showing that I am having contractions. This isn’t meant to be happening yet I still have three weeks until my due date of the 7th June, what’s going on!

The midwife decides to do a internal exam and finds that I am two cm’s dilated already, shock horror and a horrible scared feeling comes over me and I look at Gary and he has the same expression, then we hear the midwife announce that Gary will not be going home tonight as our baby was on he way. They send us over to the labour ward as I am a high risk with being early, my contractions don’t progress so they decide to put me on a drip to help them along abit,and didn’t I know it. By midnight I am not coping too well so Gary leaves to get his mum as I want her with me, when they return Gloria looks worse than I do and she tells me that Gary had been speeding through the town to get back to me and frightened the life out her.

I labour through the night and they break my waters but I am still not progressing, so they decide that they will call the consultant to find out what to do next and whilst they do that they stop the drip just to see if I am contracting on my own, but I am not but I do manage a bit of sleep. The midwife with me says that I will probably be having a c section, no no the consultant has decided that as I am fit and young(18 years old) that they should start the drip again and give me another go!! Omg I can’t believe what I am hearing and break down, so Gloria speaks with the medical team and thankfully they offer me a Epidural, which was the best thing ever. Unfortunately they asked Gary to leave whilst I was having the epidural put in and the poor thing was in the waiting room waiting and all he could hear was a woman screaming (not me) thinking it was me he tried to get to me and had to be held back, once he was allowed in the room he found me totally relaxed laughing with the midwife,poor sod he thought I had been tortured.

So they start the the drip again and I go through full labour once again but still no progression, consultant consulted and before I know it I am being rushed into theatre for a emergency c section, it’s so rushed that I am on the operating table and they haven’t put me out yet, you see because it’s a emergency I have to have a general anaesthetic, the medical staff are all around me and then the surgeon arrives and lifts me nightie up to look at my tummy and I am screaming I am not out yet! Thankfully I was then put under, and what felt like a blink of an eye(well to me anyway) I was in the recovery room. I remember the nurse calling my name telling me it was all over and I kept saying “are you sure” then I ask what I had(as even though I have referenced a girl in my blog we didn’t actually know the sex of the baby) she tells me a girl and again all I can say is “are you sure”.

Back on the delivery ward and once I am settled the curtains go back Gary and Gloria wheel in, in her cot little Louise Frances weighing 6lb 11oz born on Tuesday 17th May 1988 at 3.44pm beautiful blue eyes, dark hair and perfect. She was so worth all the labour, operation and upset within the family, here was my daughter, I had fought for her and here she was. I have never once said Louise was a accident but my special surprise baby.

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