Pregnancy with Louise

Carrying on my pregnancy story

So off I go with Gary to his mothers house as he was still living there at the time and thank fully she welcomes me with open arms. Gary and I have a good chat about what we are going to do, I know a termination is out of the question and as soon as I tell Gary the size the baby is now he just looks at me and says “well let’s give it a go then” romantic eh that’s Gary!

The next day whilst my mother and step father are at work we go to their house and remove all my belongings and I leave a note stating that Gary and I are having the baby and going to make a go of things together and that my mother in law to be had kindly offered for me to move in with her and Gary. Our next stop is the furniture shop where we buy new bedroom furniture for Gary’s bedroom and a new double bed I think this is when I had the omg moment if we are really goofing to be doing this.

That evening didn’t go too well as mother decided to call the police and say that Gary was holding me against my will, thankfully the police were find with us and just checked that I was 18 and was well and happy where I was. This is just one of things I have had to endure that my mother has done, unfortunately she suffers with mental illness and recently was diagnosed as having a personality disorder(I will go into this more but when I am ready). Also my mother demanded that Gloria my mother in law to be go around to their house for a chat about what was going to happen. Gary and I weren’t invited and don’t really know what went on but Gloria arrived home in tears and Gary was livid and stated that he would never forgive my family for the way they had treated his mum, which to be honest I don’t blame him, it took many years for Gary to speak to my family but he still didn’t like them.

So I settled into being pregnant and living with my boyfriend and his mother, I didn’t have long left at work and gave up the soonest I could which was good really as I spent the five weeks before Louise arrived in hospital on bed rest! I attended ante-natal classes and practiced the exercises with Gary in our bedroom I was to find out after Louise was born that this was a source of entertainment to our opposite neighbours. A lovely lady called Debbie lived opposite and we made friends(and are still friends 30years later) and she told me one day about that Gary and I had been on the bed doing my ante-natal exercises and she had been looking out of her bedroom window and glanced over to see two bums going up and down and wondered what was going on! She was so intrigued that she called her husband up to have a look, I couldn’t look him in the eyes for years with out going red.

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