Pregnancy with Louise

A bright and sunny day in April

It’s such a lovely day today the sun is shinning and the birds are tweeting and I have just returned from meeting with a friend over a coffee and a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel which was scummy! Eventually I will be blogging every day with the things that i am up to and how things are going but at the moment I am trying to get you up to date with where I am now and my life so far.

So Louise has been born in May 1988, I am now a size 16/18 I think I wear big and baggy clothes so it’s hard to tell but I know I am at least 18 stone. So settling in as a new mum I get into bad habits with my eating which only piles the weight on even more. Now it’s hard to believe but because of these bad habits I have put my body into starvation mode (yes there is such a thing and you can be fat whilst you body is in this mode) because what I used to do is this if I didn’t eat a breakfast and usually I didn’t as I couldn’t face anything and I wasn’t hungry at lunchtime I wouldn’t eat then either,so when it came to the evening meal well I was Starving and I don’t get me wrong if I ate the right things at the evening meal I would have put the weight on.

But no I would eat takeaway kebabs being my husbands favourite at the time and it wouldn’t be a small it would be a large with chips and garlic mayo so I would over indulge in the evening. Then in the morning the cycle would start again, so my body never knew when it was getting fed so would store all the fat I consumed so it had reserves. Sounds far fetched I know even a doctor said to me once that you never saw a fat person come out of a concentration camp but to be honest the difference was the prisoners in the concentration camp were worked to death had little or no food and I wasn’t going to the gym or exercising except for,(I didn’t pass my driving test until I was 25 so used to walk everywhere with the girls in pushchairs) but the difference was I used to over indulge in the evening so my fat reserves just grew and grew.

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