Background of Lucy Lee

I like this photo it was taken on my 40th birthday so yes eight years have gone past but I’m basically the same just fatter and with glasses now permanently on my face Cath  kidston no less which you’re come to realise I’m a bit of a Cath Kidston Horder fan and collector

This ties in with my introduction and weight loss journey really so here goes chubby yes as a baby slim until about 11 years old as I was told that I went on a trip and I do remember it fondly with my grandparents in a camper van to the south of France well we travelled round France really and I have to admit  it was an eye-opener especially with the squat toilets and having to shower with my grandmother but all in all it was the best holiday I ever had one of the reasons being  my sister didn’t come along so it was just myself and my grandparents and the camper van. anyway apparently because of all the cheese and the French bread I then started to put on weight “puppy fat”as they used to call it and this is how I stayed until well until I got bigger and bigger and bigger really and there was a reason behind it and not just because I’m stuffing my face.

I move out of home at 16 and move into a house share fending for myself now and obviously not eating correctly and at this time I was dating Gary who was to be my first husband and gradually I started to put on weight because I was getting down about it at 18 I moved back in with my parents and sister.  I went to the doctors to have a routine checkup  as I was on the contraception pill and also because I had already been about my weight I was taking slimming  tablets now you’ve got to remember this was back in 1988 when they were still dishing them out without knowing the side-effects but obviously for me they weren’t working well they wanted to do some tests so had some blood test taken and also they wanted to do a pregnancy test I couldn’t be pregnant I was on the pill and I’ve had my periods but anyway end of January 1988 I find out I am  pregnant but not just pregnant I was 5 1/2 months pregnant hence no weight loss.

Now the scary thing was the fact I was taking slimming tablets I had been ill so I had taken painkillers and antibiotics (which obviously now I have worked out that my pill didn’t work because of these hence being pregnant )but also  that’s gone through to the baby And because I was 5 1/2 months I was too far gone for any blood test’s to check the baby was okay all I could have was a scan and thankfully the scan showed she was okay so in May 1988 my first daughter Louise was born 6 lb 11 oz after 18 hours of labour but no progression and emergency section so here I was 18  (well really 19 as she was due in June but decided to come three weeks early )with a newborn baby and overweight!

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